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Project Description Last Change
blhc/blhc.git build log hardening check, tool to check... 7 weeks ago
bpf/xdp-example.git Minimal XDP example code 2 months ago
coloredstderr/coloredstderr.git colored stderr by hooking output functio... 2 years ago
config/dotfiles.git Configuration files for zsh, vim, git... 10 months ago
fcscs/fcscs.git fast curses screen content select, tool... 3 years ago
nsscash/nsscash.git File-based cache for NSS as simple repla... 101 min ago
ptyas/ptyas.git minimal su/sudo replacement which preven... 12 months ago
socket2unix/socket2unix.git convert network sockets to UNIX sockets 7 years ago
tlsproxy/tlsproxy.git Certificate verifying tlsproxy, prevents... 7 years ago
wall-notify/wall-notify.git listen for wall messages and pass them... 5 years ago