Cisco command line cheat sheet

First written 2022-04-04; Last updated 2022-04-05

Cheat sheet for (not so) common Cisco commands which I need from time to time.


ACL usage and hardware limits

  • IOS: show platform hardware acl statistics utilization brief

  • IOS-XE (C3K, C9K): show platform hardware fed active fwd-asic resource tcam utilization

  • NX-OS: show hardware access-list resource utilization


Verify checksums

  • IOS: verify /md5 $path

  • NX-OS: show file $path md5sum (or sha256sum, sha512sum)



  • IOS, IOS-XE, IOS-XR: ping $host df-bit repeat 1 size $size
    $size is the size of the complete (IPv4) packet

  • NX-OS: ping $host df-bit count 1 size $size
    $size is the size of the ICMP payload, (IPv4) packet size is $size + 28


  • NX-OS: Verify which ACLs are installed on the module:
    show system internal access-list interface ethernet $x/$y input statistics module $z

Last updated 2022-04-05

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