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Also use buildd's "Architecture" header to detect architecture.
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2012-04-11 Simon RuderichAlso use buildd's "Architecture" header to detect archi...
2012-04-11 Simon RuderichAdd --ignore-arch option.
2012-04-11 Simon Rudericht: Add another non-verbose test.
2012-04-11 Simon RuderichDon't recognize options which contain compiler names...
2012-04-10 Simon RuderichAdd --ignore-flag and --ignore-line options.
2012-04-10 Simon RuderichAdd more tests.
2012-04-10 Simon RuderichFix preprocessor handling of .s and .S/.sx file extensions.
2012-04-09 Simon RuderichAbort with an error if no files are given.
2012-04-08 Simon RuderichHandle dependency generation flags (-M/-MM/-MD/-MMD).
2012-04-06 Simon RuderichPrint file name when multiple files are checked.
2012-04-06 Simon RuderichFix architecture detection when checking multiple files.
2012-03-31 Simon RuderichCheck for CMake version which obeyed CPPFLAGS.
2012-03-29 Simon RuderichDetect more C++ non-verbose builds.
2012-03-29 Simon RuderichIgnore compiler lines with no files with extensions.
2012-03-29 Simon RuderichAlso ignore PIE flags when -shared is used.
2012-03-27 Simon RuderichUse tag W-no-compiler-commands in buildd mode.
2012-03-26 Simon RuderichUse I<> for arguments in POD.
2012-03-26 Jari AaltoDon't list available options in SYNOPSIS.
2012-03-26 Simon RuderichPrint tag messages including statistics in buildd mode.
2012-03-26 Simon RuderichIgnore ', " and ) at the end of the line.
2012-03-26 Simon RuderichSupport multiple log files as arguments.
2012-03-26 Simon Rudericht/tests.t: Remove duplication.
2012-03-26 Simon RuderichStrip trailing whitspace only when necessary.
2012-03-26 Simon RuderichUse hashes instead of regexps to check file extensions.
2012-03-25 Simon RuderichDifferentiate between CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS.
2012-03-24 Simon RuderichFix --arch, missing '=s' in GetOptions().
2012-03-24 Simon RuderichHandle false positive from make.
2012-03-24 Simon RuderichSort options in POD.
2012-03-24 Jari AaltoMention log file in synopsis. Use "[options]" for possi...
2012-03-24 Simon RuderichDon't color output by default, add --color option.
2012-03-22 Simon RuderichIgnore compiler when used as file suffixes.
2012-03-22 Simon RuderichDon't perform any tests if hardening-wrapper is used.
2012-03-22 Simon RuderichIgnore unimportant lines at the end of the buildd log.
2012-03-21 Simon RuderichAccept `dpkg-buildflags --get *FLAGS` as valid hardenin...
2012-03-21 Simon RuderichDon't split on ; in quotes.
2012-03-21 Simon RuderichDetect compile type (preprocess, compile, link) correctly.
2012-03-20 Simon RuderichDetect LINK non-verbose builds.
2012-03-19 Simon RuderichFirst work on --buildd.
2012-03-19 Simon RuderichDetect more CXX non-verbose builds.
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichAlso support colored non-verbose builds on armhf and...
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichSupport colored non-verbose build systems.
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichCorrectly detect linking for CGI binaries (e.g. test...
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichHandle another configure false positive.
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichImprove line continuation to handle ignored lines corre...
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichSupport architectures which can't use all hardening...
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichIgnore unimportant lines at the beginning of the log.
2012-03-16 Simon RuderichSupport verbose builds which use "Compiling filename...
2012-03-16 Simon RuderichSupport non-verbose messages in verbose build for other...
2012-03-16 Simon Rudericht: Add linker test with -o at the end of the line.
2012-03-16 Simon Rudericht: Add tests for x86_64-linux-gnu-g++.
2012-03-16 Simon RuderichSupport filenames which contain "~".
2012-03-16 Simon RuderichAdd support for versioned gcc version (e.g. gcc-4.6).
2012-03-15 Simon Rudericht/tests.t: Consistently use '..' instead of "..".
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichCorrectly detect verbose CMake builds.
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichFix false positive with file names containg "cc".
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichDetect non-verbose build logs.
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichAlso support -fpic in -fPIE/-fPIC conflict detection.
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichAccept libraries with version numbers before ".so".
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichAccept libraries which end with a character (e.g. ...
2012-03-15 Simon Rudericht: Add another linker test.
2012-03-14 Simon RuderichImprove linker command detection to handle line breaks...
2012-03-13 Simon RuderichIgnore false positive in ./configure summary.
2012-03-13 Simon RuderichCorrectly handle files with "c++" in their name.
2012-03-13 Simon RuderichSupport versioned libraries (e.g. test.so.1.0.0).
2012-03-13 Simon Rudericht/tests.t,t/logs/cc: Add test for .cc files.
2012-03-13 Simon RuderichImprove detection of linker commands.
2012-03-12 Simon Ruderichbin/blhc: Another fix for libtool --mode=link.
2012-03-11 Simon Ruderichbin/blhc: Improve regex for libtool --mode=link (and...
2012-03-10 Simon Rudericht: Add tests for "libtool --mode=compile".
2012-03-10 Simon Rudericht: Add tests for compiler "x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc".
2012-03-10 Simon RuderichFirst working version.