herbstluftwm/autostart: add bindings to run programs and select windows
[config/dotfiles.git] / shell /
2020-01-02 Simon Ruderichhtoprc: automatically switch to 4-column CPU layout
2019-11-20 Simon Ruderichshell/logout: remove newline
2019-11-20 Simon Ruderichshell/env: add Go settings
2019-11-20 Simon Ruderichlesskey: don't color indicator for overlong lines
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: prepend "--" in X alias
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: unbind more bindings
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichshell: git-update-and-verify-submodule: convert to...
2019-07-26 Simon Ruderichshell: redirect stderr to stdout for systemd aliases...
2019-07-26 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: remove mc alias for machinectl
2019-06-22 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add -S to chop long lines in ls wrapper
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add -S to chop long lines in tree wrapper
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichshell: .gitignore: sort
2018-07-25 Simon Ruderichshell: replace valgrind wrapper with environment variable
2018-07-22 Simon Ruderichzsh: "fix" ip6tables completion
2018-07-22 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: move ta/ti aliases to the proper place
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: use current input for incremental searches
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichshell/env: set GIT_SSH_COMMAND to reduce SSH timeout...
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add alias ti (timew) and ta (task)
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: use human sizes for ls
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: change sa alias to ssh-add without timeout
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: use dark blue for hardstatus on remote systems
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add ip alias to default to shorter...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: unbind more bindings
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: only show hostname in hardstatus on remote...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell/setup.sh: remove unused code for screenrc
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: don't abort if there are no autoloadable functions
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: remove load average from hardstatus
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: only display caption on splits
2018-07-18 Simon RuderichRevert "screenrc: Change hardstatus color when in copy...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichdircolors: fix indentation
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichzsh: functions: remove extract
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichzsh: _systemctl: sync with latest version from Debian...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichhtoprc: add comment describing c mapping
2018-07-10 Simon RuderichCheck evtags for submodules
2018-06-26 Simon Ruderichlesskey: explain why --clear-screen isn't used
2018-06-26 Simon Ruderichlesskey: restructure option comments
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichshell/bin/calc: convert to python3
2018-06-03 Simon RuderichUse command grouping to reduce number of redirects
2018-06-03 Simon RuderichAlways use single quotes for printf format string
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'multimedia' again
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'multimedia'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'x11'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'mail'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'misc'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'os'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'vim'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'vcs'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'shell'
2018-06-02 Simon RuderichMove to shell/ in preparation for merge into new dotfil...
2018-03-24 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: support README.adoc
2017-09-07 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: fix typo in comment
2017-09-07 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: mj: add $(nproc)
2017-09-07 Simon Ruderichshell/alias: add mc alias for machinectl
2016-10-14 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: disallow su as root
2016-07-15 Simon Ruderichsetup.sh: simplify ls detection
2016-07-02 Simon Ruderichshell/env: export MTR_OPTIONS
2016-05-03 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: add alias for git annex (ga)
2015-10-09 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: add rs alias for reset
2015-09-25 Simon Ruderichadd wrapper for systemctl with shorter commands
2015-08-16 Simon Ruderichshell/env: use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for TMP/TEMP/TEMPDIR...
2015-08-16 Simon Ruderichshell/env: prefer ~/bin over ~/.bin
2015-08-16 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: replace tr alias with te (for tree)
2015-08-03 Simon Ruderichshells/aliases: add multiple new aliases
2015-04-06 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: also highlight FAQ and faq
2015-03-15 Simon Ruderichshell/env: don't check ownership for ~/.tmp and ~/tmp
2015-03-15 Simon Ruderichshell/env: fix quoting
2015-03-15 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: add systemd aliases
2014-10-01 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: add h alias for htop
2014-09-24 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: drop space after 2> for consistency
2014-09-14 Simon Ruderichsetup.sh: don't display hidden files on BSD's ls as...
2014-08-25 Simon Ruderichfix lesspipe setup for Gentoo
2014-06-10 Simon Ruderichshell/env: reset all LC_* variables
2014-06-10 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: remove unused alias `:q`
2014-06-10 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: move some commands from zsh/rc
2014-06-10 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: use `command`
2014-06-10 Simon Ruderichremove source_debug()
2014-04-29 Simon Ruderichshell/functions: don't use echo on user strings
2014-04-29 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: add more README file names
2014-04-29 Simon Ruderichshell/rc: minor documentation update
2014-04-29 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: add t alias for tig
2014-04-19 Simon Ruderichshell/env: use C locale when sorting
2014-04-14 Simon Ruderichshell/env: unset LC_ALL
2014-03-22 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: highlight Makefile
2014-03-16 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: remove space before > in redirections
2014-03-16 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: change m alias to make, add mu for mutt
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichshell/rc: Rename timeout_setup_shell_lock() to _logout().
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichshell/rc: Use shell timeout in Tmux if vlock wasn't...
2013-11-05 Simon Ruderichshell/rc,tmux.conf: Auto-logout on TTYs after timeout.
2013-11-05 Simon Ruderichshell/rc: Disable flow control.
2013-11-05 Simon Ruderich*/rc: Move umask code from zsh/rc to shell/rc.
2013-11-05 Simon Ruderich*/env: Move man page coloring from zsh/env to shell...
2013-10-24 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: Display pipes and sockets in green.
2013-10-08 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: Drop s alias.
2013-09-06 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: Remove unnecessary rules.
2013-08-19 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: Underline hardlinks.
2013-07-06 Simon Ruderichshell/env: Unset LANGUAGE.
2013-07-05 Simon Ruderichshell/logout: Minor cleanup.
2013-04-13 Simon Ruderichshell/env: Add missing timezone to comment.
2013-04-10 Simon Ruderichshell/dircolors: Color "NEWS" file.
2013-04-10 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: Add aliases lt (ls -lt) and lat (ls...