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descriptionConfiguration files for zsh, vim, git, mutt, herbstluftwm and a few more shell and X11 related programs
last changeFri, 20 Oct 2023 07:09:20 +0000 (09:09 +0200)
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More information is available on the website: https://ruderich.org/simon/config/
2023-10-20 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: yt-dlp: also write video description master
2023-10-20 Simon Ruderichshell: update comment for man wrapper
2023-09-12 Simon Ruderichshell: add man wrapper to restore colored and searchabl...
2023-08-13 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: sort sections by name
2023-08-13 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: don't execute arbitrary commands from...
2023-08-13 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: sort tags as version numbers
2023-08-06 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: display network namespace in prompt
2023-06-04 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: add pf alias for force pushes (with...
2023-04-19 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: add yt-dlp configuration
2023-04-01 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: add pipewire configuration and switch mpv...
2023-04-01 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: ignore mpv's watch_later directory
2023-04-01 Simon RuderichMove all non-empty .gitignore to top-level
2023-04-01 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: mpv: save secondary-sid to watch-later
2023-04-01 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: mpv: increase cache size and prefetch next...
2023-04-01 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: mpv: use hardware decoding if possible
2023-04-01 Simon Ruderichmultimedia: mpv: fix display of cache in OSD
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