descriptionConfiguration files for zsh, vim, git, mutt, herbstluftwm and a few more shell and X11 related programs
last changeSat, 29 Feb 2020 07:32:51 +0000 (08:32 +0100)
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2020-02-29 Simon Ruderichshell: ssh_config: fix typo in comment master
2020-02-29 Simon Ruderichshell: ssh_config: add UpdateHostKeys
2020-02-29 Simon Ruderichshell: sshd_config: replace deprecated value "without...
2020-02-29 Simon Ruderichshell: ssh_config, sshd_config: update algorithms
2020-02-09 Simon Ruderichherbstluftwm/autostart: add bindings to run programs...
2020-01-02 Simon Ruderichhtoprc: automatically switch to 4-column CPU layout
2019-11-20 Simon Ruderichshell/logout: remove newline
2019-11-20 Simon Ruderichshell/env: add Go settings
2019-11-20 Simon Ruderichlesskey: don't color indicator for overlong lines
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: vimrc: prefer fzf over CtrlP
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: fzf: add
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: prepend "--" in X alias
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: unbind more bindings
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: update to 4dabcf320f18e33923dbcf793d3c...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-toml: updat to a4ec206052aa347d7df90dc4b6697b7...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-gnupg: update to f663d0e857bd88cb39c16ca45c37a...
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