descriptionConfiguration files for zsh, vim, git, mutt, herbstluftwm and a few more shell and X11 related programs
last changeFri, 26 Jul 2019 05:34:08 +0000 (07:34 +0200)
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2019-07-26 Simon Ruderichshell: redirect stderr to stdout for systemd aliases... master
2019-07-26 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: remove mc alias for machinectl
2019-07-21 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: default to AGPLv3+ in all templates
2019-07-21 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: remove unnecessary license text from...
2019-06-22 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add -S to chop long lines in ls wrapper
2019-01-21 Simon Ruderichmisc: taskwarrior: add
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichx11: katarakt: shorten current page display to just...
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichx11: katarakt: use "true" instead of 1 for boolean...
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add -S to chop long lines in tree wrapper
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-gnupg: replace plugin/gnupg.vim with submodule
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichshell: .gitignore: sort
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: fix typos in comment
2018-08-08 Simon Ruderichvim: deb: sync with current version in Debian sid
2018-07-25 Simon Ruderichshell: replace valgrind wrapper with environment variable
2018-07-23 Simon Ruderichmutt: remove mark_old=no
2018-07-23 Simon Ruderichmutt: remove unused handling of flagged mails
3 months ago master