2021-01-16 Simon Ruderichgo.mod: update github.com/pkg/errors to v0.9.1 master 0.2
2021-01-16 Simon Ruderichgo.mod: update github.com/google/renameio to v1.0.0
2021-01-16 Simon RuderichGuarantee durability after renaming temporary files
2021-01-16 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2020-06-08 Simon RuderichAdd workflow for GitHub Actions
2020-05-16 Simon Ruderichbuild.sr.ht: run tests on freebsd
2020-05-16 Simon Ruderichnss/tests: add missing headers for WIFEXITED/WEXITSTATUS
2020-05-16 Simon Ruderichbuild.sr.ht: run tests on fedora
2020-05-16 Simon Ruderichbuild.sr.ht: run tests on archlinux
2020-02-18 Simon RuderichUse github.com/google/renameio for atomic file updates
2020-02-18 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2019-12-22 Simon RuderichREADME.adoc: fix syntax for nested list
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add disabled test case for todo 0.1
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: use configPath variable
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: use time.Since()
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add missing check for statePath
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: use existing t variable instead...
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: fix typos in comments
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichtestdata: rename README to README.adoc
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichREADME.adoc: fix asciidoc syntax
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichREADME.adoc: reorder requirements
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: guard against unexpected 304
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderich.gitlab-ci.yml: use ci/run and switch to GOPATH-less...
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichAdd build manifests for build.sr.ht
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: create state file in sub-directory
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichREADME.adoc, TODO.adoc: mention endian limitations
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichREADME.adoc: misc updates
2019-12-15 Simon Ruderichnss/tests: rename variable
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichAdd TODO.adoc
2019-12-15 Simon RuderichREADME: rename to README.adoc
2019-11-10 Simon RuderichREADME: misc updates
2019-08-12 Simon RuderichREADME: remove Debian Stretch
2019-08-12 Simon RuderichAdd go.mod and go.sum
2019-08-03 Simon RuderichAdd .gitlab-ci.yml to run tests in Docker container
2019-08-03 Simon Ruderichnsscash: go fmt
2019-08-03 Simon Ruderichnsscash: add "username"/"passsword" options for files
2019-08-02 Simon Ruderichnsscash: force UTC timezone for If-Modified-Since header
2019-08-02 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: test new server response which...
2019-08-02 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: fix Last-Modified/If-Modified-Since...
2019-08-02 Simon RuderichREADME: clarify indices are not stored in separate...
2019-08-02 Simon Ruderichnsscash: go fmt
2019-08-01 Simon Ruderichnsscash: add "ca" option for files
2019-08-01 Simon Ruderichnsscash: go fmt and rewrap comments
2019-08-01 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: refactor in preparation for HTTPS
2019-08-01 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: wrap overlong line
2019-08-01 Simon Ruderichnsscash: add basic tests for ParsePasswds()
2019-07-14 Simon Ruderichnsscash: fix typo in test comment
2019-06-29 Simon RuderichREADME: fix typo
2019-06-26 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add special tests
2019-06-26 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add group tests
2019-06-26 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add plain tests
2019-06-26 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add passwd tests
2019-06-26 Simon Ruderichnsscash: main_test: add infrastructure and first basic...
2019-06-26 Simon Ruderichnsscash: file_test: restore log output after the test
2019-06-25 Simon RuderichREADME: mention why write bits are removed from generat...
2019-06-17 Simon Ruderichnsscash: remove write permissions of created files
2019-06-17 Simon Ruderichnsscash: test deployFile() sets permissions properly
2019-06-17 Simon Ruderichnss: remove pointer indirection in search_key's id...
2019-06-17 Simon Ruderichnss: reduce code duplication in _nss_cash_setpwent...
2019-06-14 Simon Ruderichnsscash: convert: create file atomically
2019-06-14 Simon Ruderichnsscash: go fmt
2019-06-14 Simon Ruderichnsscash: return error instead of calling log.Fatal()
2019-06-14 Simon Ruderichnsscash: split main() into separate functions
2019-06-13 Simon Ruderichnsscash: store and check hash of deployed files
2019-06-13 Simon Ruderichnsscash: write state on each successful run
2019-06-12 Simon RuderichMakefile: remove recursion from go commands
2019-06-12 Simon Ruderichnss: add todo
2019-06-12 Simon RuderichREADME: use proper comment character for TOML files
2019-06-12 Simon RuderichMakefile: run go test in test target, not all target
2019-06-12 Simon Ruderichnsscash: go fmt
2019-06-12 Simon Ruderichnsscash: replace %s with %v in format string for File...
2019-06-12 Simon Ruderichnsscash: report error for passwd/group without trailing...
2019-06-11 Simon Ruderichnss: Makefile: don't link against asan
2019-06-11 Simon RuderichCheck size limits and abort if they are violated
2019-06-11 Simon Ruderichnsscash: handle errors in SerializePasswd(), SerializeG...
2019-06-11 Simon Ruderichnsscash: support longer lines in passwd/group files
2019-06-11 Simon Ruderichnss: tests: sort included headers
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: Makefile: build libcash_test.so in tests/
2019-06-10 Simon RuderichREADME: document practices and tested systems
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnsscash: improve comments
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnsscash: add alignBufferTo() helper
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: improve comments
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: gr/pw: re-used variable
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: gr/pw: use key->name for NULL check
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: gr/pw: make data const
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: search: make search_key argument const
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: search.h: re-order struct file members
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: file.h: re-order struct file members
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: merge cash.h into file.h
2019-06-10 Simon Ruderichnss: simplify initialization of struct file in map_file()
2019-06-09 Simon RuderichREADME: minor updates and fixes
2019-06-09 Simon Ruderichnss: Makefile: fix typo in LD_PRELOAD variable name
2019-06-08 Simon RuderichREADME: add requirements and usage instructions
2019-06-08 Simon RuderichMakefile: run all and clean in nss/ as well
2019-06-08 Simon RuderichMakefile: add test target
2019-06-08 Simon Ruderichnsscache: add comment
2019-06-08 Simon Ruderichnss: tests: fix typo in comment
2019-06-08 Simon Ruderichnsscash: use WriteByte() instead of Write() with cast
2019-06-08 Simon Ruderichnsscash: improve index sanity check
2019-06-08 Simon RuderichAdd support for group files