2021-06-08 Simon RuderichUpdate and remove OpenBSD workarounds master
2021-06-03 Simon Ruderichremote: retain setgid/sticky when temporarily chmodding...
2021-06-02 Simon Ruderichremote: permit syncing relative paths with leading dot
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: go fmt and rewrap comment
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: remove SyncPath()
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: rename files_windows.go to files_compat_windows.go
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: guard against symlinks in earlier path components
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichsafcm: add commit date to version output
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderich.builds: openbsd/latest updated to 6.9, remove manual...
2021-05-26 Simon Ruderichremote: use defer to replace multiple dh.Close()
2021-05-25 Simon Ruderichremote: remove double Close() on error in WriteTemp()
2021-05-23 Simon Ruderichremote: treat paths as slash separated in triggerPaths()
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichsafcm: move logEvent() to frontend package
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichfrontend: add Loop.HostSyncMsg()
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichfrontend: add Loop.HostInfoMsg()
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichsafcm: move sync.sendRecv to frontend package
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichsafcm: move sync_changes.go and term.go to frontend...
2021-05-18 Simon Ruderichsafcm: add ParseLogLevel()
2021-05-18 Simon Ruderichgo fmt
2021-05-18 Simon RuderichMove synchronization loop into new package frontend
2021-05-18 Simon RuderichMove implementation of cmd/safcm-remote/ to remote/
2021-05-18 Simon RuderichMove embedded remote helpers to cmd/safcm/
2021-05-18 Simon Ruderichsafcm: don't hang on error before a connection is estab...
2021-05-18 Simon Ruderichrpc: use SSHConfig struct as argument to DialSSH()
2021-05-17 Simon Ruderichconfig: config.yaml: add global "ssh_user" option
2021-05-16 Simon Ruderichci: build for Windows
2021-05-13 Simon Ruderichsafcm: add experimental support to sync from Windows...
2021-05-13 Simon Ruderichsafcm: use only slash separated paths for the configuration
2021-05-12 Simon Ruderichsafcm: simplify Sync.logf to take the log message as...
2021-05-12 Simon RuderichConsistently use %v when (s)printing errors
2021-05-12 Simon Ruderichsync: go fmt
2021-05-12 Simon Ruderichsync: shorten log messages by removing "info/sync remot...
2021-05-12 Simon Ruderichsync: simplify LogFunc to take the log message as string
2021-05-12 Simon Ruderichsync: replace log.Logger interface with struct
2021-05-12 Simon RuderichMakefile: add lint target to run shellcheck
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: remove "detected" log message in packages/services
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichremote: tests: hide testRunner functions in test output
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichtests: improve another comment
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichchanges: add "(hidden)" to commands with no output...
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: tests: remove empty line
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichrpc: remove empty line
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichconfig: disallow negative permissions
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichrpc: replace append to sshOpts with assignment in DialSSH()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: shorten error message on file conflict
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: use better variable name in hostsToSync()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: don't color output if stderr is redirected
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichchanges: change dry-run messages to use "will"
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichchanges: tests: remove output for dry-run commands
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichconfig: tests: fix typo in group name
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichconfig: return map from TransitivelyDetectedGroups()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichconfig: use more explicit variable name in ResolveHostG...
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichconfig: rewrap line in ResolveHostGroups()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichconfig: tests: replace FullPermToFileMode() with fs...
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: remove duplicate code in triggerPaths()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: include size in binary "diff"
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: use variable to reduce line wrapping
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: use "..." instead of `...` for regular...
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: use strict perm for os.WriteFile() in...
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: wrap overlong line
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: use CreateDirectoryExists()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: check return value of setDefaults()
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: properly scope err variable
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: go fmt
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsync: tests: rename triggers to expTriggers
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: tests: test detected groups with leading/trailin...
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: go fmt
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichsafcm: strip invalid characters from detected os/arch...
2021-05-09 Simon RuderichImprove and add comments
2021-05-09 Simon Ruderichci: suppress shellcheck warnings
2021-05-09 Simon RuderichREADME: mention root/wheel on BSD systems
2021-05-09 Simon RuderichREADME: fix typo
2021-05-08 Simon Ruderichtests: run commands without side effects in end-to...
2021-05-01 Simon RuderichREADME: multiple improvements
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichtests: add end-to-end test with configuration without...
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichsync: run most tests which modify the host only in CI
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichtests: use filetest.CreateFifo() in config tests
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichsync: remove duplicate "priority" from group priority...
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichsafcm: group_priority: use increasing priority values...
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichgo fmt
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichconfig: rename group_order to group_priority
2021-04-28 Simon Ruderichsafcm: group_order: higher priority for listed groups...
2021-04-25 Markus PetriREADME: multiple improvements
2021-04-25 Simon Ruderichchanges: display "no changes" when nothing was changed
2021-04-22 Simon RuderichMakefile: move command to test target
2021-04-22 Simon Ruderichgo fmt
2021-04-22 Simon Ruderichtests: add very basic end-to-end test with real ssh...
2021-04-21 Simon Ruderichrpc: always create remote helper with user's group
2021-04-21 Simon RuderichRevert "ci: run tests with verbose output"
2021-04-20 Simon Ruderichci: use ./* in `rm -rf` to guard against option-like...
2021-04-20 Simon Ruderichsafcm: print unfinished hosts on Ctrl-C
2021-04-20 Simon Ruderichremote: go fmt
2021-04-20 Simon Ruderichremote: show group/trigger in verbose log for commands
2021-04-20 Simon Ruderichsafcm: use Command struct instead of string to run...
2021-04-18 Simon RuderichREADME: mention group and remove obvious sentence
2021-04-18 Simon RuderichREADME: mention why YAML was chosen
2021-04-18 Simon Ruderichci: run tests with verbose output
2021-04-18 Simon Ruderichci: check for untracked and unignored files
2021-04-18 Simon Ruderichci: run all tests also as root
2021-04-18 Simon Ruderichconfig: only skip "invalid sticky" tests for non-root...
2021-04-17 Simon RuderichAdd basic support for OpenBSD