descriptionSimple and fast configuration management
last changeTue, 8 Jun 2021 06:11:43 +0000 (08:11 +0200)
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2021-06-08 Simon RuderichUpdate and remove OpenBSD workarounds master
2021-06-03 Simon Ruderichremote: retain setgid/sticky when temporarily chmodding...
2021-06-02 Simon Ruderichremote: permit syncing relative paths with leading dot
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: go fmt and rewrap comment
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: remove SyncPath()
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: rename files_windows.go to files_compat_windows.go
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichremote: guard against symlinks in earlier path components
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderichsafcm: add commit date to version output
2021-06-01 Simon Ruderich.builds: openbsd/latest updated to 6.9, remove manual...
2021-05-26 Simon Ruderichremote: use defer to replace multiple dh.Close()
2021-05-25 Simon Ruderichremote: remove double Close() on error in WriteTemp()
2021-05-23 Simon Ruderichremote: treat paths as slash separated in triggerPaths()
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichsafcm: move logEvent() to frontend package
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichfrontend: add Loop.HostSyncMsg()
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichfrontend: add Loop.HostInfoMsg()
2021-05-19 Simon Ruderichsafcm: move sync.sendRecv to frontend package
3 months ago master