2013-12-12 Simon RuderichLog functions always write a trailing newline. master
2013-12-12 Simon RuderichREADME: Fix minor typos.
2013-12-05 Hans Spathget_options(): change loop style
2013-12-03 Simon RuderichREADME: Add example about socket forwarding with socat.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichRemove unnecessary DBG() output.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichDon't remove const qualifier in cast.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichFix DIE().
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichAllow disabling of hooks for client or server functiona...
2013-12-02 Simon Remove "-I m4" from ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichFix compile on FreeBSD.
2013-12-01 Simon RuderichAdd --debug option to configure.
2013-12-01 Simon RuderichRename DEBUG() macro to DBG() to fix name clash.
2013-12-01 Simon RuderichInitial commit.