2014-01-06 Simon RuderichDisable RC4. master
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests/client.c: Clarify usage message.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichconnection.c: Fix minor documentation typo.
2014-01-02 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright year.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests: Log output of gnutls-serv during the tests.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests: Minor cleanup of shell scripts.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests/client.c: Sync with connection.c.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'tlsproxyhelper'
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichman/tlsproxy-add.txt: Add warning about hostname matching.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation updates.
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichtlsproxy-setup: Prevent accidental overwrites.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichREADME: Describe another issue of -u.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichNEWS: Minor improvements.
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichtests: Test that hostnames must be matched exactly.
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxyhelper.c: Minor style fix.
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxyhelper.c: Split POLLERR and POLLHUP check.
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxyhelper.c: Add missing "\n" in error message.
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxyhelper.c: Add description.
2013-12-07 Simon RuderichAdd
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxy.c: Use strdup() instead of malloc()/perror().
2013-12-07 Simon RuderichFix tests on OpenBSD.
2013-12-07 Simon Drop -Werror.
2013-12-07 Simon RuderichFix compile on OpenBSD.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichFix compile on FreeBSD.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichReplace PF_* with AF_*.
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichDon't use AI_V4MAPPED in getaddrinfo().
2013-12-02 Simon RuderichFix make distcheck on FreeBSD.
2013-08-18 Simon Ruderichtests: Rename tlsproxy() and server() to *_background().
2013-08-18 Simon RuderichDisplay priority string when starting with debug level...
2013-08-18 Simon RuderichLog if the server requested a rehandshake.
2013-08-18 Simon RuderichAllow rehandshakes for server connections.
2013-08-18 Simon RuderichNEWS: Update.
2013-08-18 Simon RuderichNEWS: Update.
2013-08-17 Simon RuderichCheck return value in tls_send_invalid_cert_message().
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichUse "SECURE:-SHA1:+SHA1" as GnuTLS priority string.
2013-08-14 Simon Ruderichm4/README: Add.
2013-08-14 Simon Use AX_PTHREAD to check for pthread.
2013-08-12 Simon RuderichSet GnuTLS priority string with new constant PROXY_TLS_...
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichUse %zu to print size_t and ssize_t.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation updates.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichAdd missing default to switch in log_session_information().
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichFix padding for line numbers > 1000 in log_message().
2013-08-10 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: Simplify.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichDisplay TLS session information in level DEBUG2.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichRemove unnecessary function calls to free x509 credentials.
2013-08-10 Simon Ruderichman/ Wrap variables.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichUse >%s< when logging bad proxy responses.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichFix log level for proxy authentication failure.
2013-08-10 Simon RuderichSplit log level DEBUG1 into DEBUG1 and DEBUG2.
2013-08-09 Simon Ruderichlog.c: Simplify #ifdef DEBUG in log_message().
2013-08-09 Simon RuderichCheck for EOF while reading the HTTP request.
2013-08-09 Simon Ruderichtlsproxy-add: Fix minor typo in usage description.
2013-08-09 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: Ignore more test files.
2013-08-09 Simon RuderichEnsure proxy-ca.pem contains only one CA.
2013-08-09 Simon Ruderichtlsproxy-add,tlsproxy-setup: Check for invalid argument...
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichRename *_SERVER_CERT_FORMAT to *_SERVER_CERT_FILE_FORMAT.
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichtests/ Enable parallel and colored test...
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: Ignore test files from automakes' new test...
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichman/ Use rm directly without a variable.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichAdd missing cast.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichFix flags parameter type of initialize_tls_session_both().
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichMinor documentation update.
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichverify.c: Perform additional checks on server certificate.
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichverify.c: Reorder validation checks.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichReduce duplication in initialize_tls_session_both().
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichCheck library version with gnutls_check_version().
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichUse >%s< when logging bad requests.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichRename http_digest_authorization to global_http_digest_...
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichAdd missing free(http_digest_authorization).
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichUse pre-generated Diffie-Hellman parameters.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichNEWS: Add a few empty lines.
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: Add tests/proxy-*.pem.
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichtests/ Wrap CLEANFILES list.
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichtests/ Don't remove proxy-*.pem after each...
2013-08-08 Simon Ruderichtests/ Add proxy-invalid.pem to CLEANFILES.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichRename slurp_file() to slurp_text_file().
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichUse gnutls_transport_set_int() if available.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichRename *_FILE constants to *_PATH.
2013-08-08 Simon RuderichAdd initialize_tls_session_both() to reduce duplication.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichREADME: Stderr is now used for logging.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichAdd basic man pages.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichREADME: Add author and license sections.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichNEWS: Update.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichAdd disabled debug functions for GnuTLS.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichFix test-suite for recent gnutls-serv.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichFix compile with --enable-debug.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichFix compile with current GnuTLS versions.
2013-08-06 Simon RuderichRename DEBUG log level to DEBUG1.
2013-08-04 Simon RuderichReduce calls to LOG() in read_from_write_to() and read_...
2013-08-04 Simon RuderichFix indentation of LOG() calls.
2013-07-31 Simon Ruderichtests: Wait at most 20 seconds in wait_for_ports().
2013-07-29 Simon RuderichAdd two assert()s.
2013-07-29 Simon Ruderichtests: Add disabled valgrind command.
2013-07-29 Simon Ruderichtests/client.c: Don't use fdopen(socket, "a+").
2013-07-29 Simon RuderichDon't initialize static variables to 0.
2013-07-29 Simon RuderichUse memset() to zero sigaction struct.
2013-07-29 Simon Ruderichtests/ Remove unnecessary client_SOURCES.
2013-07-29 Simon RuderichCheck library functions for success values.
2013-07-29 Simon RuderichAdd basic digest authentication (-a option).
2013-07-29 Simon Ruderichtests: Fix tlsproxy_add() for `make distcheck`.