descriptionCertificate verifying tlsproxy, prevents MITMs by (manipulated) CAs by verifying the server certificate.
last changeMon, 6 Jan 2014 00:50:42 +0000 (01:50 +0100)
NOTE: tlsproxy is no longer maintained and might not work properly!
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More information is available on the website:
2014-01-06 Simon RuderichDisable RC4. master
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests/client.c: Clarify usage message.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichconnection.c: Fix minor documentation typo.
2014-01-02 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright year.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests: Log output of gnutls-serv during the tests.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests: Minor cleanup of shell scripts.
2014-01-02 Simon Ruderichtests/client.c: Sync with connection.c.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichMerge branch 'tlsproxyhelper'
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichman/tlsproxy-add.txt: Add warning about hostname matching.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation updates.
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichtlsproxy-setup: Prevent accidental overwrites.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichREADME: Describe another issue of -u.
2013-12-27 Simon RuderichNEWS: Minor improvements.
2013-12-27 Simon Ruderichtests: Test that hostnames must be matched exactly.
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxyhelper.c: Minor style fix.
2013-12-07 Simon Ruderichtlsproxyhelper.c: Split POLLERR and POLLHUP check.
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