2015-09-22 Simon Ruderichremove superfluous braces in comment master
2015-09-22 Simon Ruderichm4: sync with autoconf archive 2015-02-24
2015-09-22 Simon Ruderichconfigure.ac: improve error message if no pthread is...
2015-09-22 Simon Ruderichconfigure.ac: check for setresuid/setresuid when using...
2015-09-22 Simon RuderichREADME: add vim modeline
2015-09-22 Simon Ruderichupdate copyright years
2014-10-23 Simon Ruderichfix race condition in handle_wall()
2014-10-23 Simon Ruderichuse EXIT_SUCCESS
2014-06-04 Simon RuderichREADME: mention -m
2014-06-04 Simon RuderichREADME: fix typo
2014-05-20 Simon Ruderichfix compilation with --disable-x11
2014-05-18 Simon Ruderichset O_CLOEXEC on TTY slave/master file descriptors
2014-05-18 Simon Ruderichdrop group privileges before user privileges
2014-05-18 Simon Ruderichadd option -v to display current version
2014-05-17 Simon Ruderichfix -m option
2014-05-17 Simon Ruderichadd man page
2014-05-17 Simon Ruderichfix indentation
2014-05-17 Simon Ruderichadd option -m to allow wall messages from normal users
2014-05-17 Simon Ruderichuse getopt() to parse options
2014-05-17 Simon RuderichREADME: add setgid utmp instructions
2014-05-16 Simon Ruderichfix -X option
2014-05-15 Simon Ruderichuse -X command line option to enable X11 support
2014-05-15 Simon Ruderichdrop privileges when running as group utmp
2014-05-15 Simon Ruderichexit if the current X11 session terminates
2014-05-13 Simon Ruderichcleanup argv passing to notification program
2014-05-13 Simon Ruderichmove usage display to separate function
2014-05-12 Simon Ruderichconfigure.ac: remove AM_PROG_AR
2014-05-11 Simon RuderichREADME: mention missing support for OpenBSD
2014-05-11 Simon Ruderichfix login()/logout() on FreeBSD
2014-05-11 Simon Ruderichuse double-fork for notification processes
2014-05-11 Simon Ruderichcontrol/message.sh: add
2014-05-11 Simon Ruderichretrieve the full message with select(2)
2014-05-11 Simon RuderichREADME: fix typo in usage example
2014-05-11 Simon Ruderichinitial commit