Detect non-verbose commands in waf builds
[blhc/blhc.git] / t / logs / verbose-build
2020-07-29 Simon RuderichDetect non-verbose commands in waf builds
2019-09-07 Simon RuderichFix false positive in non-verbose check for cython...
2019-08-24 Simon RuderichFix false positive in non-verbose check for python...
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichHandle Open MPI mpicc/mpicxx compiler wrappers
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichImprove non-verbose detection for parallel builds
2014-08-13 Simon Ruderichcheck for -fstack-protector-strong
2014-07-05 Simon Rudericht: add test case for last commit
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichFix non-verbose compiler commands spanning multiple...
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichFix false positive when "compiling" python files.
2012-04-11 Simon Rudericht: Add another non-verbose test.
2012-04-09 Simon RuderichPrevent / in extension in file extension regex.
2012-04-08 Simon Ruderich"Compiling" with no filename is not a non-verbose build.
2012-03-29 Simon RuderichDetect more C++ non-verbose builds.
2012-03-20 Simon RuderichDetect LINK non-verbose builds.
2012-03-19 Simon RuderichDetect more CXX non-verbose builds.
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichAlso support colored non-verbose builds on armhf and...
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichSupport colored non-verbose build systems.
2012-03-17 Simon RuderichIgnore unimportant lines at the beginning of the log.
2012-03-16 Simon RuderichSupport verbose builds which use "Compiling filename...
2012-03-16 Simon RuderichSupport non-verbose messages in verbose build for other...
2012-03-16 Simon Rudericht/logs/verbose-build: Add possible false positive.
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichCorrectly detect verbose CMake builds.
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichFix false positive with file names containg "cc".
2012-03-15 Simon RuderichDetect non-verbose build logs.