2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: prepend "--" in X alias
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: unbind more bindings
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: update to 4dabcf320f18e33923dbcf793d3c...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-toml: updat to a4ec206052aa347d7df90dc4b6697b7...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-gnupg: update to f663d0e857bd88cb39c16ca45c37a...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: surround: update to e4c4cc0f816515fbb7e87076a98860...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: repeat: update to c947ad2b6a16983724a0153bdf7f66d7...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichshell: git-update-and-verify-submodule: convert to...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: nerdcommenter: update to 92082862364cf5ec3eec79a02...
2019-11-13 Simon Ruderichvim: gundo: update to 46c443ee9d5854320eb965a1fdee781ba...
2019-07-26 Simon Ruderichshell: redirect stderr to stdout for systemd aliases...
2019-07-26 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: remove mc alias for machinectl
2019-07-21 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: default to AGPLv3+ in all templates
2019-07-21 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: remove unnecessary license text from...
2019-06-22 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add -S to chop long lines in ls wrapper
2019-01-21 Simon Ruderichmisc: taskwarrior: add
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichx11: katarakt: shorten current page display to just...
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichx11: katarakt: use "true" instead of 1 for boolean...
2019-01-10 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add -S to chop long lines in tree wrapper
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-gnupg: replace plugin/gnupg.vim with submodule
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichshell: .gitignore: sort
2018-12-29 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: fix typos in comment
2018-08-08 Simon Ruderichvim: deb: sync with current version in Debian sid
2018-07-25 Simon Ruderichshell: replace valgrind wrapper with environment variable
2018-07-23 Simon Ruderichmutt: remove mark_old=no
2018-07-23 Simon Ruderichmutt: remove unused handling of flagged mails
2018-07-22 Simon Ruderichzsh: "fix" ip6tables completion
2018-07-22 Simon Ruderichvim: after/syntax/perl.vim: highlight die/exit as state...
2018-07-22 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: move ta/ti aliases to the proper place
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichvim: colors/simon.vim: move Float highlight to Number
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: use current input for incremental searches
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichshell/env: set GIT_SSH_COMMAND to reduce SSH timeout...
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add alias ti (timew) and ta (task)
2018-07-19 Simon Ruderichgnupg/gpg.conf: display validity of UIDs when verify...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: use human sizes for ls
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichgnupg: gpg-agent.conf: grab the keyboard
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichvim: add nginx syntax highlighting
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichmail: ignore gpg2 files
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichgnupg: add gpg-agent.conf and disable scdaemon
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell/aliases: change sa alias to ssh-add without timeout
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: use dark blue for hardstatus on remote systems
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell: aliases: add ip alias to default to shorter...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: unbind more bindings
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: only show hostname in hardstatus on remote...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichshell/ remove unused code for screenrc
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichzsh/rc: don't abort if there are no autoloadable functions
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: remove load average from hardstatus
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichscreenrc: only display caption on splits
2018-07-18 Simon RuderichRevert "screenrc: Change hardstatus color when in copy...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichdircolors: fix indentation
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichzsh: functions: remove extract
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichzsh: _systemctl: sync with latest version from Debian...
2018-07-18 Simon Ruderichhtoprc: add comment describing c mapping
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichvim/vimrc: set filetype for /etc/network/interfaces
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichvcs: t: adapt to diff.mnemonicprefix = true
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: expand -s in ld alias
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: use --date=now in cad alias
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichvcs: gitconfig: don't create .git/hooks in new repositories
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichmisc: psql: improve comment
2018-07-15 Simon Ruderichmisc: gdb: cleanup comments
2018-07-14 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: add more go snippets
2018-07-14 Simon Ruderichvim: vimrc: use tabs in go
2018-07-14 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: add snippets for go
2018-07-14 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: add snippets for sh
2018-07-13 Simon Ruderichvim: add syntax for /etc/network/interfaces
2018-07-13 Simon Ruderichvim: vim-toml: add at 85ba8277a6e331a56fce920d62bfdacce...
2018-07-13 Simon Ruderichvim: matchit: sync with latest version in Debian sid
2018-07-13 Simon Ruderichvim: deb: sync with current version in Debian sid
2018-07-13 Simon Ruderichvim: remove vimperator syntax file
2018-07-12 Simon Ruderichvim: syntax/msmtp.vim: sync with msmtp.vim in Debian...
2018-07-12 Simon Ruderichvim: remove asciidoc.vim syntax file
2018-07-12 Simon Ruderichvim/ correct/cleanup comments
2018-07-12 Simon Ruderichvim/vimrc: remove old setting for mercurial patch queues
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: gundo: update to b48c5610c3980c736e6f8eea1c13e01d2...
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: xptemplate: update to 74aac3aebaf9c67c12c21d6b2529...
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: surround: update to aa1f120ad3a29c27cc41d581cda375...
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: repeat: update to 43d2678fa59d068c815d8298331c195e...
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: nerdcommenter: update to 34e0115ffaa3bd646399c46ec...
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: fswitch: update to 94acdd8bc92458d3bf7e6557df8d93b...
2018-07-10 Simon Ruderichvim: ctrlp: update to 564176f01d7f3f7f8ab452ff4e1f5314d...
2018-07-10 Simon RuderichCheck evtags for submodules
2018-07-07 Simon Ruderichvcs/ cleanup comments
2018-07-07 Simon Ruderichx11/bin/xlockscreen: support i3lock
2018-07-07 Simon Ruderichvcs/gitconfig: support older gits without `stash push`
2018-06-26 Simon Ruderichlesskey: explain why --clear-screen isn't used
2018-06-26 Simon Ruderichlesskey: restructure option comments
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichgdb/gdbinit: don't stop on SIGUSR1
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichshell/bin/calc: convert to python3
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichvim/vimrc: use cryptmethod=blowfish2 if available
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichvim/vimrc: move helper functions to the top
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichxmonad: adapt bindings to current herbstluftwm setup
2018-06-17 Simon Ruderichxmonad: remove outdated comment
2018-06-16 Simon Ruderichpsql: use database-specific history file
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs/gitconfig: replace "stash save" with "stash push...
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs/tigrc: disable "Reviewed-by" and "Tested-by" coloring
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs/tigrc: sort options
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs/tigrc: disable history-size option in tig < 2.3
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs: remove support for tig < 2.0
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs/git: disable textconv rules
2018-06-13 Simon Ruderichvcs/git: remove global gitattributes file