2016-01-27 Simon RuderichScreen::debug(): encode arguments
2016-01-27 Simon Ruderichmove debug() to Screen class
2016-01-26 Simon Ruderichsimplify $var->{..}->{..} to $var->{..}{..}
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichminor documentation improvements
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichadd short overview to usage documentation
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichdocument modes
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichallow extending a match after search mode
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichwrite debug output to ~/.config/fcscs/log
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichexpose debug to config API
2016-01-24 Simon Ruderichcleanup handler selection
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichsupport $match->{handler} to overwrite handler for...
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichhandler_paste: print URL in debug output
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichreplace $match->{url} with $match->{value} which is...
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichmake handlers configurable via $config{handler}{..}
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichadd missing match group in regex config example
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichfix match drawing if match group doesn't start at the...
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichrun_in_background: fix execution when debug mode is...
2016-01-23 Simon Ruderichinitial commit