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2021-10-05 Simon RuderichAdd support for FreeBSD
2021-10-05 Simon RuderichAdd missing newline to a few die_fmt() calls
2019-12-18 Simon RuderichREADME: rename to README.adoc 0.1
2019-12-18 Simon RuderichRelicense as AGPLv3+
2019-12-18 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2018-11-04 Simon RuderichAdd SIGWINCH handler to support resizes of the outer...
2018-11-04 Simon RuderichRename variable/error message for more sigaction()...
2018-11-04 Simon RuderichAdd missing sigemptyset()
2018-11-04 Simon RuderichSpecify arguments of sigchld_handler()
2018-11-04 Simon RuderichMakefile: use additional hardening flags from Debian
2018-11-03 Simon RuderichMake another multi-line comment consistent
2018-11-03 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2017-09-19 Simon RuderichMake multi-line comments consistent
2017-05-16 Simon RuderichChdir to home directory
2017-02-11 Simon RuderichImprove comments
2017-02-11 Simon RuderichRemove useless else
2017-02-11 Simon Ruderichdrop_privileges_or_die: improve error message in die_fmt
2017-02-11 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2017-02-11 Simon RuderichCOPYING: add
2016-11-29 Simon RuderichMakefile: appending existing flags instead of overwriti...
2016-11-29 Simon RuderichUse define for default PATH in child
2016-11-29 Simon RuderichUpdate and improve comments
2016-11-29 Simon RuderichRename die_msg() to die_fmt()
2016-11-29 Simon RuderichInitial commit