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RSS feed with project releases and notes

Gitweb with the source code for all projects (and a few additional repositories)


  • blhc: check build logs for missing hardening compiler flags
    (latest version 0.14, released on 2024-02-28)

  • nsscash: File-based cache for NSS as simple replacement for LDAP or NIS
    (latest version 0.2, released on 2020-01-16)

  • ptyas: Minimal su/sudo replacement which prevents TTY hijacking by starting a new session with a separate terminal and proxying all input
    (latest version 0.2, released on 2021-10-05)

  • coloredstderr: color stderr of programs, uses LD_PRELOAD for reliable coloring
    (latest version 0.2, released on 2014-06-22)

Old projects (no longer maintained and possibly broken):
  • tlsproxy: intercepting TLS proxy which provides certificate pinning
    (latest version 0.2, released on 2011-03-23)

All software is licensed under GPL 3 (or later) unless otherwise noted.


Additional list of miscellaneous computer related notes (mostly for UNIX and GNU/Linux) which are useful to me and might be useful to others; topics include assembly, backups, Debian, HAProxy, HP ILO, iptables, Jabber, GNU/Linux, mutt, OpenVPN, Perf, Python, QEMU, syslinux, Windows, Thinkpad X250

Configuration files

Well commented configuration files for CLI based tools, including an overview of major features; also available as Git repository

Available files (all links are anchors on the same page): Vim, Zsh, GNU readline, Git, tig, GNU screen, Tmux, xmonad, Elinks, OpenSSH, GnuPG, lftp. Other useful programs.

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