2018-02-01 Simon RuderichPrevent crash in execve() if env is NULL master
2018-02-01 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright year
2015-08-28 Simon Ruderichupdate copyright year
2014-11-15 Simon Ruderichvfork(): fix incorrect comment
2014-06-22 Simon RuderichNEWS: improve 0.2 notes
2014-06-22 Simon RuderichNEWS: release 0.2 0.2
2014-06-22 Simon Ruderichfix typos in comments
2014-05-20 Simon Ruderichm4: Update to autoconf-archive 2014-02-28.
2014-05-17 Simon RuderichREADME: add multi-lib instructions
2014-05-16 Simon fix typo in TLS error message
2014-05-13 Simon warn if TLS is not available
2014-04-08 Simon Ruderichhandle_recursive: fix race condition if threads are...
2014-03-14 Simon Ruderichtests/ echo test part to simplify...
2014-03-14 Simon RuderichREADME: mention autoreconf -fsi when using the git...
2014-02-01 Simon Ruderichm4: Update to autoconf-archive 2013-11-01.
2014-01-02 Simon RuderichREADME: /proc/self/exe is required for _IGNORED_BINARIES.
2014-01-01 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright year.
2014-01-01 Simon RuderichFix error_at_line() not always exiting if status != 0.
2013-12-09 Simon RuderichREADME: Minor improvements.
2013-12-09 Simon Ruderichm4/README: Add.
2013-12-09 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: Sort.
2013-12-04 Simon RuderichREADME: Update.
2013-12-03 Simon RuderichNEWS: Add. Release 0.1. 0.1
2013-09-14 Simon RuderichAdd likely() to tracked_fds_find().
2013-09-14 Simon RuderichRemove unnecessary check in handle_*_pre().
2013-09-14 Simon RuderichREADME: Fix minor typos.
2013-07-21 Simon RuderichRemove unnecessary if in init_from_environment().
2013-07-07 Simon Ruderichconstants.h: Fix indentation.
2013-07-07 Simon RuderichREADME: Add another known issue.
2013-07-07 Simon RuderichREADME: Some fixes.
2013-07-07 Simon RuderichAdd COLORED_STDERR_IGNORED_BINARIES to exclude binaries.
2013-07-07 Simon RuderichAdd missing assert() to init_from_environment().
2013-07-01 Simon Ruderichtests/ Add missing test_script_subshell...
2013-07-01 Simon RuderichREADME: Document failing test on FreeBSD.
2013-07-01 Simon RuderichHandle recursive calls of handle_*_{pre,post}() functions.
2013-07-01 Simon Ruderichtests: Handle `sed` which append a trailing newline.
2013-07-01 Simon Ruderichtests: Don't require bash.
2013-07-01 Simon Ruderichtests/example_exec.c: Sort environment variables.
2013-06-30 Simon RuderichAlso hook un-macroed putc when it's a macro.
2013-06-29 Simon RuderichRestore environment for execvpe() if the exec fails.
2013-06-29 Simon RuderichREADME: Minor improvements.
2013-06-29 Simon RuderichSet DEFAULT_PRE_STRING to red.
2013-06-22 Simon Ruderichtests: Add example_stdio.c and
2013-06-21 Simon Ruderichtests/ Fix for BSD's make.
2013-06-21 Simon RuderichImprove checks for invalid file descriptors.
2013-06-21 Simon Ruderichtests: Check return values of write() and dup2().
2013-06-21 Simon RuderichOverwrite tracked file descriptors when exporting COLOR...
2013-06-20 Simon RuderichHook __swbuf() on FreeBSD.
2013-06-20 Simon RuderichRemove invalid assert() in tracked_fds_find().
2013-06-20 Simon Check if __overflow() is available.
2013-06-20 Simon RuderichHook __overflow() correctly.
2013-06-20 Simon Ruderichtests/ Remove unnecessary *_SOURCES variables.
2013-06-20 Simon Ruderich{fwrite,fputs,fputc}_unlocked() are not in POSIX.
2013-06-20 Simon Ruderichtests: Remove
2013-06-17 Simon RuderichUpdate documentation.
2013-06-17 Simon Ruderichtests/example.c: Use errno = ENOMEM.
2013-06-17 Simon RuderichAdd missing #include <sys/stat.h>.
2013-06-15 Simon RuderichREADME: setuid binaries are not supported.
2013-06-15 Simon Ruderichtests/example_error.c: Fix typo in function name.
2013-06-15 Simon RuderichMark hooked functions as visibility(("protected")).
2013-06-15 Simon Ruderichhookmacros.h: Reduce duplication in macros.
2013-06-15 Simon RuderichHook BSD err(), errx(), warn(), warnx(), etc. functions.
2013-06-15 Simon RuderichMinor documentation update.
2013-06-14 Simon RuderichUse locally defined functions in hooks where possible.
2013-06-14 Simon RuderichDefine real_*() static variables with macros.
2013-06-14 Simon Fix Vim's syntax coloring issue with...
2013-06-14 Simon Ruderichtests/ Enable parallel and colored test...
2013-06-14 Simon RuderichInstall read-only.
2013-06-14 Simon RuderichREADME: Explain how to modify pre/post variables.
2013-06-14 Simon RuderichREADME: Add first part of installation instructions.
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderich.gitignore: Ignore generated test files.
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichtests/ Fix tests for dash.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichRemove duplicate code in init_from_environment().
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichMinor documentation updates.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichAdd missing const and document where it can't be used.
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichtests/ Minor cleanup.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichFix possible memory overwrite in init_from_environment().
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichAdd more error checks.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichRemove unnecessary calls to update_environment() in...
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichconstants.h: Fix indentation.
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichldpreload.h: Add missing unlikely() in DLSYM_FUNCTION().
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichhookmacros.h: Remove duplication in _HOOK_PRE_FD_/_HOOK...
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichtrackfds.h: Add missing inline for consistency.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichAdd assert()s.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichHandle invalid arguments to close()/fclose() better.
2013-06-13 Simon RuderichFix hook for putc_unlocked() with glibc.
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichtests/ Add.
2013-06-13 Simon Ruderichtests/ Sort dist_check_DATA.
2013-06-13 Simon fcntl.h is required.
2013-06-12 Simon Ruderichhookmacros.h: Minor style fix.
2013-06-12 Simon Ruderichtests: Split in multiple test files.
2013-06-12 Simon Ruderichtests: Rename example-* to example_* for consistency.
2013-06-10 Simon Ruderichtests: Fix tests when running under coloredstderr.
2013-06-10 Simon RuderichREADME: Add.
2013-06-10 Simon RuderichAdd another debug() print to init_from_environment().
2013-06-10 Simon RuderichFix compilation with clang.
2013-06-10 Simon Ruderichm4/ax_c___attribute__.m4: Add.
2013-06-10 Simon RuderichHook execvpe(), a GNU extension.
2013-06-10 Simon Ruderichcoloredstderr.c: Fix parameter name in execvp().
2013-06-10 Simon Ruderichcoloredstderr.c: Fix indentation.