2018-03-02 Simon RuderichRelease 0.08 0.08
2018-03-01 Simon RuderichUse proper look back for non-verbose detection for...
2018-03-01 Simon RuderichNEWS: update
2018-03-01 Simon RuderichSync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2018-03-01 Simon RuderichAdd --line-numbers option
2018-02-27 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2017-09-05 Simon RuderichAdd example for --debian
2017-08-17 Simon RuderichAdd --debian to handle PIE flags like buildd mode
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichDon't report missing PIE flags in buildd mode if GCC...
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichMANIFEST: add t/logs/fortran
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichImprove Fortran support, also for Open MPI (mpifort)
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichRefactor Ada handling of format CFLAGS
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichNEWS: mention Debian Bug #853265
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichHandle Open MPI mpicc/mpicxx compiler wrappers
2017-07-23 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2016-11-16 Simon RuderichSupport new dpkg versions which use debarch_to_debtuple
2016-09-11 Simon RuderichREADME: update example to require current hardening...
2016-09-11 Simon RuderichRelease 0.07 0.07
2016-09-10 Simon RuderichFix another Ada false positive for format flags
2016-08-25 Simon RuderichFix false positive in "gcc > file"
2016-08-25 Simon RuderichSync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2016-08-25 Simon RuderichNEWS: fix typo in 0.06 release
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichRelease 0.06 0.06
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichImprove non-verbose detection for parallel builds
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichFix false positives for comment lines
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichNEWS: update
2016-06-05 Gregor HerrmannUpdate t/tests.t for new output of Pod::Usage in 1.65
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright years
2016-06-05 Simon RuderichSync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2015-09-24 Simon RuderichREADME: add vim modeline
2015-09-15 Simon Ruderichfix false positive in `rm` lines
2015-09-15 Simon Ruderichfix false positive with `gcc -v`
2015-09-15 Simon Ruderichfix false positive in "libtool: link: g++ -include...
2015-09-14 Simon Ruderichfix comments
2015-09-11 Simon Ruderichupdate copyright years
2015-09-11 Simon Ruderichsync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2014-08-19 Simon Ruderichrelease 0.05 0.05
2014-08-19 Simon Ruderichupdate copyright years
2014-08-19 Simon Ruderichsync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2014-08-13 Simon Ruderichdon't check for source fortification in debug lines
2014-08-13 Simon Ruderichcheck for -fstack-protector-strong
2014-08-13 Simon Ruderichsync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2014-07-05 Simon RuderichNEWS: update
2014-07-05 Simon Rudericht: add test case for last commit
2014-07-05 James McCoyFix false positive when "compiling" python files
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichConsider lines with -O0 or -Og debug builds.
2013-08-14 Simon Rudericht/logs/libtool: Fix file extension for C++ compile.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichBetter handling of libtool commands.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichFix non-verbose compiler commands spanning multiple...
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichFix false positive when "compiling" python files.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichREADME: Fix build dependency description.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichREADME,blhc: Documentation update.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichFix buildd architecture detection.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichFix detection of build dependencies for buildd logs.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichNEWS: Mention bug reporters.
2013-08-14 Simon Rudericht/logs/buildd-architecture-old: Rename to dpkg-buildpac...
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichNEWS: Update.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichOnly assign @cflags_ada if it's used.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichSync architecture specific hardening support with dpkg...
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichUse here-doc for --version output.
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichReduce duplication in compile_flag_regexp().
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichSimplify compile_flag_regexp().
2013-08-14 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation update.
2013-06-02 Simon RuderichHandle another case of Qt's `moc`.
2013-06-01 Simon RuderichMANIFEST: Add missing t/logs/configure-check.
2013-05-28 Simon RuderichAdd test for possible false-negative in configure check.
2013-05-28 Simon RuderichFix false positive in configure output if $CC contains...
2013-03-01 Simon RuderichRelease 0.04. 0.04
2013-02-28 Simon RuderichUpdate copyright year.
2013-02-28 Simon RuderichFix false positive in kismet's build log.
2012-10-06 Simon RuderichNEWS: Add recent changes.
2012-10-04 Simon RuderichHandle more cases of `moc-qt4` and support `moc-qt5`.
2012-09-29 Simon RuderichDetect architecture in old buildd logs which add an...
2012-09-25 Simon RuderichREADME: Document how build dependencies are extracted.
2012-09-24 Simon RuderichFix build dependency related checks for pbuilder build...
2012-09-24 Simon RuderichFix indentation.
2012-09-24 Simon RuderichAlso accept --param ssp-buffer-size=4.
2012-09-16 Simon RuderichAccept -Wformat=2 because it implies -Wformat.
2012-07-08 Simon RuderichAlways end functions with return.
2012-07-07 Simon RuderichIgnore missing -Wformat -Werror=format-security for...
2012-07-07 Simon RuderichPrepare for multiple 'Build-Depends' checks.
2012-07-07 Nicolas BoulenguezIgnore CPPFLAGS for Ada files.
2012-07-07 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation update.
2012-07-07 Simon RuderichUse index() in a few more places.
2012-07-06 Simon RuderichMinor cleanup thanks to Perl::Critic.
2012-07-06 Simon RuderichREADME: A recent Term::ANSIColor is only necessary...
2012-07-06 Simon RuderichReduce calls to is_non_verbose_build() in second loop.
2012-06-30 Simon RuderichMinor cleanup.
2012-06-30 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation updates.
2012-06-25 Simon RuderichIgnore false positives from CC=gcc.
2012-06-25 Simon RuderichMinor source documentation update.
2012-06-25 Simon RuderichMinor documentation update.
2012-06-25 Simon RuderichFix indentation.
2012-06-25 Simon RuderichHandle compiled headers (.h.gch).
2012-06-03 Simon Ruderichgcc is the only supported compiler at the moment.
2012-05-31 Simon Rudericht: Fix test for non-existent file.
2012-05-31 Simon Rudericht: Fix to handle buildd output and exit code change.
2012-05-31 Bernhard R... Properly detect if given a directory name as argument.
2012-05-31 Bernhard R... Only return non-zero exit codes for errors in buildd...
2012-05-31 Bernhard R... Switch to new output format for --buildd mode.